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Mahasamatman's Paperweight Collection

Most of my collection was made by Caithness. They were based in Inveralmond, Perth, Scotland, and have a U.S. office in Garfield, New Jersey. They have recently (April 2004) been taken over by Edinburgh Crystal, and though the quality of the workmanship found in the paperweights has not changed, the new company really has no clue how to manage a line of collectors' paperwewights.

If you're looking to buy paperweights, the absolute best place to look is John More (aka More Gifts). They have the best prices, selection, and customer service anywhere on the globe. You'll pay less than half as much as any U.S. dealer, even after you figure in shipping costs.

These are actual photographs from my collection, taken with a Casio QV-30 digital camera on a set of bookshelves I built in a friend's shop in January 1997. As you can see by the pictures, I am not a professional photographer. These images pale in comparison to the real thing. If you want to see the real collection, don't hesitate to give me a call.

In 2001 and 2002, I built some display cases and display shelves for my collection. Each paperweight is individually lit from underneath using low-voltage lighting. It's really impressive how good they look now!

For each thumbnail on this page, there's at least one larger image to view. Each full-size image also contains a brief description of the piece. Note: the descriptions accompanying the images are written by the manufacturers - I take no responsibility for them.

I've recently acquired many new paperweights which I have not yet photographed. They appear just as text with no thumbnail. What can I say, I'm lazy... Eventually, I'll use my Canon Powershot G9 and add them to the site.

This list is current as of 04 January 2014.

The paperweights are organized by designer (they do deserve the credit). You can select one, select them all, or select none.

Caithness: Colin Terris (131 titles)

Caithness: Alastair MacIntosh (56 titles)

Alastair MacIntosh Caithness
Alastair MacIntosh, designer
56 pieces
Abseil Arctic Carnation Ascension Bewitched Blue Sail Bonsai Caress Celtic Connection
Charisma Chorale Coral Encounter Corona Cosmic Crown Dark Secret Déjà Vu Dynasty
Elfin Dance Eye of the Storm Fantasy Orchid Firecracker Freedom Fujiyama Golden Sanctuary Incognito
Inner Circle Innovation King Canute Liberty Local Hero The Lost World Lunar Orchid Maestro Series 1
Mark Anthony Mercator Meridian Nirvana Obsession Pixie Blue Queen Cleopatra Radiance
Rain Dance Red Alert Red Arrows Rememberance White Rose Return to Earth Salomé Saracen Sea Pearls
Selene Shooting Star Silver Rain Sorcerer Superhero Surveillance Virtuoso Whirlpool

Caithness: Helen MacDonald (40 titles)

Caithness: Margot Thomson (38 titles)

Caithness: Philip Chaplain (15 titles)

Selkirk: all artists (10 titles)

Other artists and foundries (30 titles)

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