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Mahasamatman's Paperweight Collection

Most of my collection was made by Caithness. They were based in Inveralmond, Perth, Scotland, and have a U.S. office in Garfield, New Jersey. They have recently (April 2004) been taken over by Edinburgh Crystal, and though the quality of the workmanship found in the paperweights has not changed, the new company really has no clue how to manage a line of collectors' paperwewights.

If you're looking to buy paperweights, the absolute best place to look is John More (aka More Gifts). They have the best prices, selection, and customer service anywhere on the globe. You'll pay less than half as much as any U.S. dealer, even after you figure in shipping costs.

These are actual photographs from my collection, taken with a Casio QV-30 digital camera on a set of bookshelves I built in a friend's shop in January 1997. As you can see by the pictures, I am not a professional photographer. These images pale in comparison to the real thing. If you want to see the real collection, don't hesitate to give me a call.

In 2001 and 2002, I built some display cases and display shelves for my collection. Each paperweight is individually lit from underneath using low-voltage lighting. It's really impressive how good they look now!

For each thumbnail on this page, there's at least one larger image to view. Each full-size image also contains a brief description of the piece. Note: the descriptions accompanying the images are written by the manufacturers - I take no responsibility for them.

I've recently acquired many new paperweights which I have not yet photographed. They appear just as text with no thumbnail. What can I say, I'm lazy... Eventually, I'll use my Canon Powershot G9 and add them to the site.

This list is current as of 04 January 2014.

The paperweights are organized by designer (they do deserve the credit). You can select one, select them all, or select none.

Caithness: Colin Terris (131 titles)

Colin Terris Caithness
Colin Terris, designer
139 pieces
Adventure Alchemy Aquamarine Aquila Arctic Night Arctic Orchid Aspiration Asteroid
Astral Celebration Autumn Dream Black Gem Bolero Cabaret Cactus Reflection Castles in the Air Chameleon
Comet Coral Coral Dream Coral Garden Cosmic Collision Creation Cyclone Dancing Seahorse
Dervish Desert Orchid Dilemma Discovery Domino Dream Flower Electric Soup Elegance
Elements Elements II Enigma Epicentre Etheria Evangeline Firework Festival Floral Illusion
Frost and Fire Golden Citadel Golden Jubilee Regal Reflection Grace Greetings Earthlings Hibernation Hydroponic Ice Blossom
Ice Cascade Ice Flame Ice Fountain Ice Princess Illusion Intrigue Island Fantasy Jubilee Celebration
Jubilee Orchid Kingdom of the Deep Labyrinth Lobster Lunar Rose Magenta Magic Lantern Marooned
Merry Maker Meteor Midnight Millennium Carousel Millennium Vision Minaret Miniature Moonflower '97 Miniature Moonflower '98
Moon Orchid Mooncrystal Moondance Moonlight Dancer Morning Dew Blue Mystic Island Mystic Shrine Mystique
Night Owl Nova Octavia Opus 88 Orchid Pagoda Pagoda Orchid Parasol
Pastorale Pirouette Plough Polka Quadrille Quicksilver Reflections '91 Reflections '92
Revelation Robin and Kettle Safe Haven Saladin Sanctuary Sandflower Sea Kelp Sea Lace
Sea Orchid Sea Sprite Sea View Serenity Shamal Sir Percival's Quest Skyline Snowflower
Solitaire Space Flower Spaceport Space Shuttle Star Beacon Star Pavillion Starship Summit
Sunflare To Boldly Go... Trinity Vertigo Vortex Red Weathervane Wedding Bell Whirlygig
Whispers Winter Wonderland Zest

Caithness: Alastair MacIntosh (56 titles)

Alastair MacIntosh Caithness
Alastair MacIntosh, designer
56 pieces
Abseil Arctic Carnation Ascension Bewitched Blue Sail Bonsai Caress Celtic Connection
Charisma Chorale Coral Encounter Corona Cosmic Crown Dark Secret Déjà Vu Dynasty
Elfin Dance Eye of the Storm Fantasy Orchid Firecracker Freedom Fujiyama Golden Sanctuary Incognito
Inner Circle Innovation King Canute Liberty Local Hero The Lost World Lunar Orchid Maestro Series 1
Mark Anthony Mercator Meridian Nirvana Obsession Pixie Blue Queen Cleopatra Radiance
Rain Dance Red Alert Red Arrows Rememberance White Rose Return to Earth Salomé Saracen Sea Pearls
Selene Shooting Star Silver Rain Sorcerer Superhero Surveillance Virtuoso Whirlpool

Caithness: Helen MacDonald (40 titles)

Helen MacDonald Caithness
Helen MacDonald, designer
40 pieces
Beauty and the Beast Blue Tempest Bubbles 'n' Stripes Castles in the Sky Chartreuse Clansman Close Harmony Daisy, Daisy
Desert Dreams Devotion Dignity Enigma Desert Enigma Ocean Festive Reflections Fire Birds Five past Midnight
Five to Midnight Glorious Morning Jive Time Millennium Awakening Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Mistletoe Mystic Mountain Peaceful Paradise
Phantom Potreadora Precious Jewel - Orchid The Raj Robert the Bruce Sea Nymphs Southern Exposure Space Hibiscus
Spring Melody Summer Fair Swan Vista To Infinity and Beyond Transmission Tropicana Vortice With Love

Caithness: Margot Thomson (38 titles)

Margot Thomson Caithness
Margot Thomson, designer
39 pieces
5-4-3-2-1 Arabesque Channel Crossing Clarion Call Coral Voyager Golden Rainbow High Flyer Humbug
Ice Fairy Interlude Jack in the Box Jacuzzi Maelstrom Mardi Gras Meditation Merlin
Mischief Ocean Odyssey Origin Painted Desert Parade Phoenix Pursuit Quest
Quorum Renaissance Ring O'Roses Royal Crown Sand Devil Skyhigh Solstice Splash
Tapestry Utopia Vivaldi Wanderlust Watchtower White Horses

Caithness: Philip Chaplain (15 titles)

Philip Chaplain Caithness
Philip Chaplain, designer
15 pieces
Amber Gambler Aquamarina Banshee Coral Fronds Framboise Frivolity Hallucination Incandescence
Laser Mephistopheles Metropolis Nemo's Kingdom Phaedra Touch of Frost Wisdom

Selkirk: all artists (10 titles)

various artists
10 pieces
Concerto Emerald Dance Little Owl Moonscape Satin Crimson Serenity Springtime Sunkissed
Windswept 1983

Other artists and foundries (30 titles)

Caithness (other artists)
and other foundries
30 pieces
Peter Holmes
Angel Fish
Jennie Robertson
Autumn Treasures
Gordon Hendry
Allan Scott
Calla Lily
Gordon Hendry
William Manson
Cauldron Sable
Innes Burns
Evening Primrose
Gordon Hendry
Fatal Attraction
Sarah Peterson
First Oil First Quarter
Peter Holmes
Flower in the Rain
Jack Allan
Golden Fancy
Sarah Peterson
Grey Snapcat
Sarah Peterson
Harper Collins Ink Bottle
Peter Holmes
Lilac Pool
Stuart Cumming
Midnight Mountain
Sarah Peterson
Myriad Blue
Oban Studios
Myriad Green
Oban Studios
William Manson
David Green
Wick Design Studio
Royal Majesty
Paul Miller (Langham)
Stuart Cumming
Shining Through
Linda Campbell
Shuffle the Penguin
Sarah Peterson
Single Harlequin
Peter Holmes
Spiral Rhythm
Gordon Hendry
Ultra Hot
Sarah Peterson

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