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The Penguin Flight Penguin Collection

Yes, not only do I collect penguins myself, but everyone seems to keep buying them for me! This is only a sampling of my current penguin collection -- everything from ceramic figures to custom artwork to stuffed animals and puppets. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.

These are actual photographs from my collection, taken with a Casio QV-30 digital camera, mostly on a set of bookshelves I built in a friend's shop in January 1997. As you can see by the pictures, I am not a professional photographer.

Penguins come in all materials, shapes, and sizes.

Wood... Danish Wood
Glass... Caithness Mats Jonasson Mats Jonasson Iceberg Villeroy and Boch
Ceramic Brass Inflatable From SeaWorld Collection
Artwork... Gadi Busted
Small Stuffed Penguin Large Stuffed Penguin Penguini Electric Rope-Jumping Penguin
Towels... Hand Towel Bath Towel Bath Towel Beach Towel Dish Towel
Clothing... Fire-Breathing Penguin T-shirt Opus II Volleyball T-shirt Penguin Trek T-shirt Penguin Christmas Tie
African Black-Footed Penguin Rockhopper Penguin Christmas Card Cinderella Penguin Mr. Popper's Penguins

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