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The Enlightened Penguin

Throughout these pages, you will be able to discover all there is to know about Mahasamatman, also known as The Enlightened Penguin, also known as The Fire-Breathing Penguin. I have existed since the early 1960's, and plan to continue on into the 21st century.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my life, and stay tuned for more...

On this page, you will find general information about my life. On subsequent pages, you will find even more information than you could possibly want to know, particularly about aviation and gaming.

The newest addition to my site, as well as the newest addition to my life, is my wife Kathleen.

These pages use no frames, although there are a couple of interesting Java applets - The Java Virtual Cockpit and the Interactive San Francisco Terminal Chart. If you're interested in aviation, they may teach you a thing or two.

In late 1998, I completed a Basic Drawing class at Pixar University. Our final project was to draw a self-portrait. It was a three-week project, and I kept a history of my drawing so you can see what I think I look like.


Also known as
  • Mahasamatman
  • The Fire Breathing Penguin
  • The Enlightened Penguin
  • Penguin Flight Dynamics
  • Barbarian Brother Knrph the Displaced
  • Admiral Mahasamatman, G.A.B. Ebony Team
  • The Smiling Vorlon
  • many other names, too numerous to mention

Professional memberships
  • SIGGRAPH (ACM's Special Interest Group for Graphics)

  • Phone: on a need-to-know basis
  • Directions: on a need-to-know basis


Movie credits (Acting)

Movie credits (Rendering Software)

Video game credits (Voice acting)
  • Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena, developed and published by THQ (GameCube, 09/2002)
  • Mike's Monstrous Adventure, published by Disney Interactive (Macintosh/PC, 09/2002)

Video game credits (Programming)
  • NASCAR Racing, developed and published by Papyrus (PC, 11/1994)
  • IndyCar Racing II, developed and published by Papyrus (PC, 06/1996)
  • Road Rash/PC, developed by Papyrus, published by Electronic Arts (PC, 09/1996)
  • NASCAR Racing 2, developed by Papyrus, published by Sierra (PC, 01/1997)

Gone, but not forgotten.
These are my 3 cats. Click to see more pictures. Bifur

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