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My Self-Portrait

Before I took this drawing class, I really couldn't draw worth a damn. Now, I think I can draw worth a damn. These images reflect the process of making a self-portrait. The end result is something that actually looks remarkably like me!

Before the Class

The first thing we did in class, before any instruction, was to draw a self-portrait. As you can see, mine is crude at best. Sort of reminiscent of Bobby Hill from the Fox comedy King of the Hill. The one thing we learned best from this class was how to see - an important lesson for anyone.

Session One

The first session was mostly taken up with taking measurements and starting the basic outlines and shading. Before the session, I had to decide whether to wear my contacts or my glasses, and whether or not to shave off my facial hair. It turned out to be easier leaving the glasses and facial hair, as it gave me more landmarks to draw.

Session Two

In the second session, we drew in more detail and continued with the shading. My hair changed a bit since the first session, but I pretty much stuck with the old hair. This was also the session where I realized that my glasses really are lightly colored. It made a big difference when I changed them. I also got rid of those nasty "hard" edges around my beard and moustache.

Session Three

In the third and final session, we finished our self-portraits. I spent a lot of time shaping my beard and hair (which had changed significantly since I started the portrait), shading, and eliminating my "aura". One thing you really can't see from the picture is that there are small highlights in my eyes where they caught the reflection of the light. Small things really make a difference.

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