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The story behind the name

I'm called Penguin because I look really good in a tux. This picture was taken at the wrap party for A Bug's Life.

But seriously, it all started in grad school, at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Computer Science department had a softball team. (Believe it or not, we were pretty good!) One game we had was against the UNC basketball team (of which three or four are now in the NBA). On one of my at-bats, I hit a long fly ball over Kenny Smith's head in center field. In addition to having a bad knee, I also wasn't in terribly good shape (not that I'm in great shape now, either). Well, I ran as hard as I could, and ended up at third base when the ball came back into the infield (puff, puff). My coach said I was the first person he ever saw stretch a home run into a triple, and that I run like a penguin. It stuck. (By the way, we ended up winning the game 20-5.)





The Penguin Flight logo was designed by Doug McCartney (when we both worked for Papyrus), touched up and converted to high-resolution by David Valdez (of Pixar), and colored by me.

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