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freezing the world on kodak paper

I've been doing some photography lately, and I've uploaded some of the images here. I haven't written my travelogue and the descriptive text that they deserve yet, so you're on your own. I apologize for the nasty JPEG artifacts in the first set - the images were scanned and encoded by Kodak from pictures taken with a Canon AE-1 Program. The second set were all taken digitally with a Canon PowerShot G1.

Anyone interested in Southeast Asia will also be interested in the travels of maharavi, also known as my brother avi.

All travels since July 2003 (when I got married) are documented here.

  • Beit She'an - the Roman city of Beit She'an - Capital of the Decapolis.
  • Belvoir - the Crusader keep of Belvoir.
  • Caesarea - the Roman city and Crusader keep of Caesarea - Queen of the Coast.
  • Nahal Me'Arot - the prehistoric caves which were home to various ancestors of modern man for 200 thousand years.
  • Tiberias - the city of Tiberias on the coast of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret).
  • Rosh Hanikrah - the Northernmost point in Israel, along the Lebanese border.
  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains - flying south out of Lake Tahoe and across Yosemite Valley.

And, from more recent trips...

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